Tutoring Approach

My lessons are tailored to the needs of each student. We work together to identify areas which require support and I teach accordingly. Some of my resources will follow the national curriculum, other resources will be brought in as needed to help my students understand and practise the skills they are developing.

Parents have commented that I am friendly, patient and clearly spoken when working with their children, especially those with special educational needs. My students feel comfortable enough to ask questions and make sure they fully understand the ideas and skills being discussed. This allows them to go at their own individual learning pace and maximise their learning potential.

As a basic resource, I use workbooks to identify areas of difficulty, then teach in depth using my own examples. I keep explanations light and include games to keep those with shorter attention spans occupied. Online, we use an interactive whiteboard to share homework, pdfs, and PowerPoints. Both teacher and pupil can annotate these pages as if we were seated in the same room. My lessons use verbal and visual explanations, alongside examples to practise, in order to cater for all learning styles.

Tutoring Experience


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